Post 1: The Carrie Leigh Method

Have you ever sat down to begin crafting and been completely overwhelmed with where to start? Most of us have had that experience at one time or another. Over the past 20 odd years of paper crafting, I found that doing things in a particular order has helped me overcome that feeling.

  • Step 1: Stamp multiple images
    I pick the stamped images I want to work with. Sometimes they will all be from a particular company or product line, like Heartfelt Creations or Lawn Fawn. Other times, it will be for a particular occasion, like Christmas or Weddings. I try to keep a theme or purpose in mind so that my stamped images will work together in future projects.
  • Next I gather the ink, stamp cleaning pad, and paper. I like to use smooth white heavy card stock and Momento tuxedo black  ink. Occasionally I will use watercolor paper or cream colored card stock and gray or brown ink. (Note: I always use the momento ink just in case I decide to use copic markers.)20180219_1501311.jpg
  • Finally, I’ll spend an enjoyable time just stamping. I make multiple images of each stamp I’ve chosen. I do this three or four times a month stamping 5 to 10 pages each time. I set them aside in a folder for later use.20180219_151143
  • Step 2: Color pre-stamped images
    I love to color! For the purposes of this post I will just say take another time to enjoy coloring your stamped images. I don’t necessarily try to do it in the same day I stamp the images (although sometimes I do) Sometimes I’ll choose to color images I stamped months ago. I always have plenty to choose from.
    Color your images however you prefer. I use markers or colored pencils the most. For Flowers, I often use daubers and ink. The point is to have fun doing it. Chose just one way at a time to color and it will cut down on that overwhelmed feeling. I do this step regularly just because I enjoy it so much.20180219_151538
    (Note: In a future post I will share my coloring tips)
  • Step 3: Fire up the Die Cutting Machine
    Soon after I’ve colored my images, I like to go ahead and cut them out. (Usually within a week or so from coloring them). I tend to stamp images for which I know I have the dies. (I don’t love fussy cutting) If I don’t have the dies, I will chose to cut those out in circles or squares to be layered later.20180219_153332
    When all the images are cut out, I store them in little plastic containers. I like to keep all the images that I have stamped to coordinate on projects all together so I can easily find them when I’m ready to create with them. At this time, I will also choose a few coordinating dies like flowers, edges, scallops, etc. and cut multiple of them to have ready to use later. I do this step 2 or 3 times a month.20180219_154015 (1)
  • Step 4: CREATE something awesome!
    Now that I have my stash created and ready to go, I find that I can sit down at any time in my craft room and not have that overwhelmed “where do I start” feeling. Instead I can pull out my ready-to-go images,( all colored and cut out), choose a paper pad that strikes me, gather the necessary tools, and create a way. This method allows me to create 10 to 30 cards in a few days time. It also keeps my work space clean and organized because I’m not trying to do everything at once.
    If you find you avoid your craft space because you don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities all your tools and papers provide, try this method. It works for me.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!